100 People who deserve monuments

The project "100 People Who Deserve a Monument Better Than I Can Make, But Won’t Ever Have One Unless I Do It", begun in 2017, gives unheralded heroes and victims the recognition they deserve, and counteracts in a small way the pessimism and cynicism that poisons our society. Humanity is on a roll thanks to people like these.

The daughters of Lot on the threshold (4985)

In March 2018: An Outstanding Latin American Educational Innovator

In early 2018: An emigrant Salvadorian biologist, author and social critic

In early 2018: Pacifist heroes who have profoundly shaped the US (a quixotic proposal)

In mid-2018: A US novelist whose work from the 1960s is as relevant as ever

In 2018: An everyday Central American hero who struggles daily to support her family