100 People who deserve monuments

The project "100 People Who Deserve a Monument Better Than I Can Make, But Won’t Ever Have One Unless I Do It", begun in 2017, gives unheralded heroes and victims the recognition they deserve, and counteracts in a small way the pessimism and cynicism that poisons our society. Humanity is on a roll thanks to people like these.

The daughters of Lot on the threshold (4985)

Dr Simon E. Malo. An Outstanding Latin American Educational Innovator. To be installed in Zamorano, Honduras in late 2018

In early 2019: Involuntary Exile: An emigrant Salvadorian biologist, author and social critic

In early 2019: Pacifist heroes who have profoundly shaped the US (a quixotic proposal)

In mid-2019: A US novelist whose work from the 1960s is as relevant as ever

In 2019: An everyday Central American hero who struggles daily to support her family